Love Letter to Dallas : Prelude 

Dear Dallas,

There are ways to say things

Or you can take action 

I’m the type to say things with no action

Or make actions with no words to justify it

That night I grabbed your hand 

I never thought what it meant

I just wanted you to walk by my side

There was no words spoken 

But there was no lapse in communication either

On that night I saw things I never thought I would

The face of an angel 

The face so heavenly so vibrant

So warm yet so cool

We linked eyes and laughed 

These next few nights I grew closer to Dallas

Not the girl but the spirit 

We intertwined in ways I never did with anyone else

To keep this short I could’ve lost my life that night but I didn’t think much about it

Because being around you was what made me feel alive

While writing this the pain hasn’t stopped 

Nothing can stop what we lost .

It was inevitable to lose touch

But to lose connection felt miserable 

There’s a way to say you love someone 

There’s a way to say you hate them

Your eyes burned with conviction 

I never seen such hatred

But behind it I could still see 

Past those piercings eyes

The same love that never died in you

So long Dallas…
– Lake

To explain what this is you’ll have to wait a while. This isn’t a random post or anything like that. There’s great meaning to it. Soon you guys will see what it is. Thank you for reading .