The Road Ahead

Today is October 10th, Fall 

Listen to this song while you read the post (Trust me)


Celebrating my first post I would like to just tell you guys about what’s going on ahead of us for this blog and this journey that we will go on. This is a “not so personal” blog. What we will discuss on here is more than just daily thoughts but also bring in some culture as well.

There are also some surprises that will come later on, maybe some OOTD post and just pretty cool shit.

Also I will be writing weekly write ups about specific topics (Every Sunday)Look out for this Sunday’s post about the fall and why it’s the best fucking season ever. But honestly I’m just happy to be writing again and I hope you guys enjoy the blog.

Welcome to Death Of A Hipster 


P.S. (Also after every post I’ll throw a little suggestion about something cool I’ve stumbled upon, You’re welcome)

Let this song be your song this weekend. If you like chill indie music and are looking for a new band these guys are awesome. Give this song a listen.