Many of partners

In my life 

Have left marks 


On a glass case

Lessons from trials

A chance at love 





To the girl 

With dark eyes

Who spoke softly 

But laughed like

She had a jolly gut

Who told me to love myself

Cause I was worth it 

To the girl 

who held my hand

In the rain while I walked you home

Who lined my life from almost the start

To the girl

Who put a hack in my ego

Humbled me down 

Told me not to worry so much

To the girl

Who left me 

Right before my big night 

Just to show me

Never take advantage 

These lessons never fell short

They never went forgotten

To the woman 

Who taught me so much

Thank you 



When does a thing

Become something ?

All through my mind

I found you 

Never was interested 

Never ever cared 

So young

Didn’t really make sense 

But your presence 

Was sensational 

Warm glow 

Never knew it was real

But I knew it was you 





You’re the perfect shade of …

Eyes glowing in the sunshine

Hands soft and playful

Moves elegant 

If I could paint you 

these brushes

Could do no justice

Finer than the best work of art

More exquisite than an aged wine

Philosophers ponder your existence

Myths conjure your presence

In a world so ugly

Filled with hate 


Most beautiful

Most intricate 

Feeling of them all

You’re the perfect shade



To the girl who I loved unconditionally…

You’re gone…

And I constantly keep your name on my mind 

I haven’t dared let is slip past my lips

There were days when I could call you

And you answered with no hesitation

Now you could read me like a book

And leave me on the shelf like you aren’t interested

The coldness has gotten harsh

Some time has passed 

Almost a year you’ve forgotten me

You moved on to someone else

Then you moved on again

Then you found someone new

But that fell apart too

I’ve watched you for years

As failed relationship after failed relationship

Hindered and scratched away at your heart

To no avail could I be the hero and save it

To no avail could I make you better 

I hope you read this and think back

To the times where you shared your secrets

Your struggle your strife 

And remember I never left your side 

I never left you hanging

I never left you 

But you left me

Maybe one day you’ll see 

That my heart was waiting for yours

To wake up and realize that Ive been here since the start

It’s cold in New York but this winter was harsh

Because you weren’t a part of mine

I love you … 

girl who doesn’t love me…

Even though 2016 was a bad year, I will remain optimistic


Dear 2017

By now I have been writing on this blog for a full year. I’m 22 now. Nothing has been more of a release than jotting down the ideas in my mind. This blog has taken so many forms. and has gone through so many changes. But since I’ve started this blog not only has the blog changed, but I have changed and so has the world around me.

Well for one, even though I am a political and social activist I have mainly kept this space exclusive for my artistic works. But I have to say it. Donald Trump is the president-elect. That’s so frightening to say but tis true. But that was just the tip to the very insane iceberg which was 2016.

I brought in the new year with friends I consider super close to me. Now I barely talk to them. When I started this blog I had a completely different job. Now I’m working a steady job I’ve been at for a year now. I was suppose to move to Florida in April but that fell through. I was just trying to figure out where my space was. I spent summer going from house to house after getting kicked out of my parents home. I worked 4 different side jobs while working one steady job. I fell in love with a girl I had a crush on since 10th grade and got my heart CRUSHED. I had many unsuccessful attempts at dating. Many missed connections. Many nights alone staring at my bedroom ceiling.

Even while falling deeper into debt. Having my phone cut off. Losing my precious Grandmother to cancer and absolutely spyraling back into a very deep depression I found time to stay connected to social movements and issues. I protested with Black Lives Matter, helped the Bernie Sanders campaign, and even (if so only briefly) for Standing Rock. These things breathe life into me and when my darkest days come I remember I’m fighting for a whole generation.

In this year it’s important for me to remember to stay positive and optimistic. I’ve let too much weigh me down and drag me to a place I never wanted to be. I will not let this happen. So here is a toast to the new year. A toast to a year full of positivity , great mental health, new experience and relationships, and to self love. I cannot wait to see where it takes me. 


When you talk 

I want to listen 

Focused on your words

Your speeches become songs

Your melody so rich

Your voice carries sweetness

Hypnotizing and interesting 

Your gaze sweeps up masses

To fall for you may be necessary 

How could one not 

How could one stop

Walk away from such perfection

Imperfect and beautiful

You couldn’t get more real

Perhaps we’ll actually connect

Until then I’ll never forget

Your gaze your melody

So tranquil so clean 

Falling on my ears 

Refreshed, serene 


Her moves are more than elegant

Her eyes could slow rivers

Her smile could melt glaciers 

She knew no bounds 

She was on her own

She threw in the towel on love

Her heart was huge 

But the time proved rude 

It shrunk 

And shrunk 


She kept those moves

Those eyes 

That smile 

I hope she will open up soon

One day our hands will meet 

And her powers will consume me

Until then

 I’ll just watch her be 


Cast your hands upon mine

Undress in the shimmer of candlelight 

I’ve been searching for you 

Your skin glowing so elegantly 

I can’t tell where I stop and you begin

Don’t forget me when this time is up

Your knuckles start to sore

Your eyes in lust

We breathe so timely

This isn’t love 

You grabbed my chest

I held your waist

Our bodies in alignment

So in sync

When this moment ends 

Where does it leave us ? 

Our little secrets

Between you and I

Things that are left unsaid 

Days we spent together 

It’s like our little collection 

Our little secrets 

Nights under the stars

Nothing but a flashlight

Some books for comfort

Each other for warmth

We read spooky stories

Until we fall fast asleep 

Wake up to you singing

Those freckles glow

In the mornings dawn

I get myself together

We plan our day by this map 

Time is no constraint 

We could walk all day 

And never miss a beat

We find our way through the forest 

Stop every once in awhile

Admiring the scenes around us

Birds chirping 

Bugs buzzing

Frogs croaking

The lake was never calm

We hike all day

Until we find our way 

Back to our camp site

Every moment with you

Carefully in tact 

We pack up our things

Head back into the city

Where you kiss me 


To see you next year again

My dear friend

Love Letter // Part II

If I let go now

Let this be the last time

I didn’t have the words

I still don’t have them

I’ll let these outburst paint

I’ll let these arguments speak

Too much to handle

Too hot to hold

And now we are here

Both so cold

From dusk until dawn

Our bodies could gravitate 

But we will still try

To carry on

Swan songs 

Different feelings 

The spark is gone 

But I need healing

To touch you now

Is to be ashamed

I never wanted this 


Shoots up my veins

I tapped the needle 

To convince me your love

Was just a drug 

Maybe in due time 

I’ll appreciate you

Until then

So long