To the girl who I loved unconditionally…

You’re gone…

And I constantly keep your name on my mind 

I haven’t dared let is slip past my lips

There were days when I could call you

And you answered with no hesitation

Now you could read me like a book

And leave me on the shelf like you aren’t interested

The coldness has gotten harsh

Some time has passed 

Almost a year you’ve forgotten me

You moved on to someone else

Then you moved on again

Then you found someone new

But that fell apart too

I’ve watched you for years

As failed relationship after failed relationship

Hindered and scratched away at your heart

To no avail could I be the hero and save it

To no avail could I make you better 

I hope you read this and think back

To the times where you shared your secrets

Your struggle your strife 

And remember I never left your side 

I never left you hanging

I never left you 

But you left me

Maybe one day you’ll see 

That my heart was waiting for yours

To wake up and realize that Ive been here since the start

It’s cold in New York but this winter was harsh

Because you weren’t a part of mine

I love you … 

girl who doesn’t love me…


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