Cast your hands upon mine

Undress in the shimmer of candlelight 

I’ve been searching for you 

Your skin glowing so elegantly 

I can’t tell where I stop and you begin

Don’t forget me when this time is up

Your knuckles start to sore

Your eyes in lust

We breathe so timely

This isn’t love 

You grabbed my chest

I held your waist

Our bodies in alignment

So in sync

When this moment ends 

Where does it leave us ? 



This night air hasn’t done enough

Maybe a stroll through the park 

Could clear my mind 

My psyche needs a release

A refresh from the weight

A restart from the hate

I bare on myself 

There’s time walking doesn’t do enough

There’s time this cigarette couldn’t cut it

I’m over the moments of rage

This battle inside me has met its end

When can I find my equilibrium?

Wherever my self love begins…


She was clueless

She was dull

She lacked something

She smelled of cigarettes 

She wore black

She never spoke too loud

Her eyes were dark and gloomy

She whispered of horrors

She stole souls

She hung up skeletons neatly

She hammered down outburst

Her time was not important

She wandered with no aim

She picked up strangers

Drove for miles

Her shell broke…

She smelled of perfume

Her voice rose

Her hair went untamed

She smiled with sincerity

She broke free

She didn’t look back

She didn’t care for much

But she cared for everything 

Her red lipstick stained

Her hands grew fond of the beauty

She flipped the middle finger

She looked up at the stars

She let planets astonish her 

She wanted a new home

She found one

She was free