Our little secrets

Between you and I

Things that are left unsaid 

Days we spent together 

It’s like our little collection 

Our little secrets 

Nights under the stars

Nothing but a flashlight

Some books for comfort

Each other for warmth

We read spooky stories

Until we fall fast asleep 

Wake up to you singing

Those freckles glow

In the mornings dawn

I get myself together

We plan our day by this map 

Time is no constraint 

We could walk all day 

And never miss a beat

We find our way through the forest 

Stop every once in awhile

Admiring the scenes around us

Birds chirping 

Bugs buzzing

Frogs croaking

The lake was never calm

We hike all day

Until we find our way 

Back to our camp site

Every moment with you

Carefully in tact 

We pack up our things

Head back into the city

Where you kiss me 


To see you next year again

My dear friend


One comment

  1. mukul chand · June 23, 2016

    great poetry

    Liked by 1 person

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