I never had a treehouse

I never had a sanctuary

I never had a place to run and hide

Get my imagination roaming

Get my ideas out in peace

There was no space to explore

The inner depths of my mind

There was no painting on a canvas

There was no playing my instrument 

There was no drawing doodles

My mind stayed dormant

My childhood consisted of 

Trying to be just like everyone else

No adolescent experimentation 

No self discovery 

I’m 21 now

This is my mind finding itself

This is my mind freeing it’s restraints

My imagination has grown 

But the wings are fit for flying

So I play around with words

Play around with colors

Experiment with phrases

Draw new faces

I never had a treehouse 

I never had a sanctuary

But now I have a home

And people who love me

Who let me expand my horizons

And make sure I learn to fly…


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