Summer Nights

Look up 

And relax for a bit 

Life is hectic 

The rooms that were built 

Sit about 3 dozen of us

We barely talk to each other

I got it


Can you grab that for me?

I finished the document 

Can you rework this for me?

Casually strolling

Through life

 like its a hillside

And the snowball I was

Is not the Avalanche I’ve become

5 pm traffic home

To a destination all my own

And without a second thought 

take off the work clothes

And turn on Hulu 

But tonight is different

Get back into the car

Turn off the phone

No notifications 

No ringtones

Just drive 

Until Its gone 

The lights start to fade 

In this huge city 

It’s easy to get caught up

Now it’s time

Get free

Look up

And relax for a bit

Life is hectic 

But now 

The sounds have 

Drowned out 

There’s calm in these

Clear skies

Star lights



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