I’m going to challenge you

PHYSICALLY I’m going to work you 

MENTALLY I’m going to break you DOWN

Every day seems like your last 

Every night you can’t get it off your mind

I drag you deeper as the days go long

I think you’re beautiful 

when you’re sad

I take your comfort 

and discard it

I burn everything you have 

It’s funny just to see you mad

But then again I can’t laugh 

A new day same old feelings

Isn’t it fun when you can’t stop reeling ?

I hope your teeth grinds

I hope your jaw locks

I hope your eyes water 

I hope you go nuts

Every day 

Every day 

In every way

I’m like your cloak 

I told you 

You can’t do it 

And you agreed with me

I told you 

It isn’t worth it

So you gave up your dreams

low self esteem


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