The end

Of all of us 

There can only be one

In times of need

We seek guidance

In rare occasions 

This guidance 

can be found

In yourself

Through delicate words

Through new roads

Through new experiences

I’ve found 

comfort in my voice 

Comfort in my art

Comfort in my self 

This may be the start 

To something new 


Our little secrets

Between you and I

Things that are left unsaid 

Days we spent together 

It’s like our little collection 

Our little secrets 

Nights under the stars

Nothing but a flashlight

Some books for comfort

Each other for warmth

We read spooky stories

Until we fall fast asleep 

Wake up to you singing

Those freckles glow

In the mornings dawn

I get myself together

We plan our day by this map 

Time is no constraint 

We could walk all day 

And never miss a beat

We find our way through the forest 

Stop every once in awhile

Admiring the scenes around us

Birds chirping 

Bugs buzzing

Frogs croaking

The lake was never calm

We hike all day

Until we find our way 

Back to our camp site

Every moment with you

Carefully in tact 

We pack up our things

Head back into the city

Where you kiss me 


To see you next year again

My dear friend


I never had a treehouse

I never had a sanctuary

I never had a place to run and hide

Get my imagination roaming

Get my ideas out in peace

There was no space to explore

The inner depths of my mind

There was no painting on a canvas

There was no playing my instrument 

There was no drawing doodles

My mind stayed dormant

My childhood consisted of 

Trying to be just like everyone else

No adolescent experimentation 

No self discovery 

I’m 21 now

This is my mind finding itself

This is my mind freeing it’s restraints

My imagination has grown 

But the wings are fit for flying

So I play around with words

Play around with colors

Experiment with phrases

Draw new faces

I never had a treehouse 

I never had a sanctuary

But now I have a home

And people who love me

Who let me expand my horizons

And make sure I learn to fly…

The villain 

Somewhere out there

Normal people try to do 

Extraordinary things

Somewhere out there

Normal people just try to live

Caught between life 

And trying to live

I’ve built this 

Horrible persona 

A modern villain

Minus the sinister gang of goons

Minus the evil plans 

The terrible person I am

Is easily the most grand

I come and leave as I please

I claim you are my love

Just to up and be gone

By mornings dawn

I grew attached in a week

I leave and never look back

I’ll make you feel so comfortable 

Then crack the feeling all together

I’m piss poor at being a lover

I’m piss poor at being a friend

I’ll make you feel important 

Then leave without any trace

Every word will be true

If only for that moment in time

Attack you for no reason other

Than self loathing

I’m the worst kind of villain

Some have written me off for good

I try to escape this 

my villainous ways

But I’m stuck in an infinite loop 

Of self hating clingy temporary love

Maybe if I…

(Repeat the title with every line)

Act more cool

Act more like you

Take some more time

Learn to be patient 

Try again 

Find a friend

Look for more

Hone my craft 

Get more sleep

Exercise more

Write it all down

Take up a new hobby

Learn to trust

Break down these walls

Let you in

Give it a try

Don’t cry

Hold my head high

Face my fears

Take it slow 

Go for broke

Waste no more chances

Stop giving a damn 

Respect myself

Love myself

Be myself…

Tick… Tock

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time been ?

Who watches over time ?

Who controls time?

For a long while

I only knew time as a measurement

Numbers rule my days

Minutes seconds hours 

Without time 

There is disorientation 

Without time

There is confusion

When did time become 

A restraint on my humanity 

Without time 

Who would we be

Where would we be

Time is mysterious 

But time is always there 


In plain sight 


The omnipresent 

Hands on your neck

Cuffs on your wrist

Is there no escaping it ?

Summer Nights

Look up 

And relax for a bit 

Life is hectic 

The rooms that were built 

Sit about 3 dozen of us

We barely talk to each other

I got it


Can you grab that for me?

I finished the document 

Can you rework this for me?

Casually strolling

Through life

 like its a hillside

And the snowball I was

Is not the Avalanche I’ve become

5 pm traffic home

To a destination all my own

And without a second thought 

take off the work clothes

And turn on Hulu 

But tonight is different

Get back into the car

Turn off the phone

No notifications 

No ringtones

Just drive 

Until Its gone 

The lights start to fade 

In this huge city 

It’s easy to get caught up

Now it’s time

Get free

Look up

And relax for a bit

Life is hectic 

But now 

The sounds have 

Drowned out 

There’s calm in these

Clear skies

Star lights


Love Letter // Part II

If I let go now

Let this be the last time

I didn’t have the words

I still don’t have them

I’ll let these outburst paint

I’ll let these arguments speak

Too much to handle

Too hot to hold

And now we are here

Both so cold

From dusk until dawn

Our bodies could gravitate 

But we will still try

To carry on

Swan songs 

Different feelings 

The spark is gone 

But I need healing

To touch you now

Is to be ashamed

I never wanted this 


Shoots up my veins

I tapped the needle 

To convince me your love

Was just a drug 

Maybe in due time 

I’ll appreciate you

Until then

So long 

Love letters // Part 1

In times like this 

I want you next to me

I’d over dose on you 

You’re my ecstasy 

I’ve been clean 

But your touch 

Is too intoxicating


Falling more

We’d lay side by side 

Under night fall 

And wake up in each others arms

Like seasons 

We were 

Like seasons

I could feel your touch 


I could miss it

But I needed distance

My time is up now

We spilled over 

Routinely I pass by

But just drive 

Wondering where you are

These days 

Attracting the high rollers 

You’re probably okay

I’m grasping to

Your heart strings

Hoping I could pull you 

Back where we went wrong

So I can relive the time

Before you were gone 


I’m going to challenge you

PHYSICALLY I’m going to work you 

MENTALLY I’m going to break you DOWN

Every day seems like your last 

Every night you can’t get it off your mind

I drag you deeper as the days go long

I think you’re beautiful 

when you’re sad

I take your comfort 

and discard it

I burn everything you have 

It’s funny just to see you mad

But then again I can’t laugh 

A new day same old feelings

Isn’t it fun when you can’t stop reeling ?

I hope your teeth grinds

I hope your jaw locks

I hope your eyes water 

I hope you go nuts

Every day 

Every day 

In every way

I’m like your cloak 

I told you 

You can’t do it 

And you agreed with me

I told you 

It isn’t worth it

So you gave up your dreams

low self esteem