One Off : Head Space

March 27th, Spring

I guess you can say Spring is the season of change and growth. Lately I have been setting a lot in motion with my moving. Or as they say, getting all my ducks in a row. Meanwhile the constant struggle with my parents are a reminder on why I have been leaving in the first place. I know I talk about growing up and changing a lot but now that my plans are out, even to my parents, I’ve felt this weight lifted and the meanwhile I have been busy I still feel that yearning. I think it is pretty interesting where my head space (hey look I did it I used the title in my piece of work) is right now. I don’t have that constant bombardment of anxiety of me going nowhere in life anymore. That has been the best part of this whole experience. So one and half months off of my journey and I am really optimistic. Let’s hope this next few weeks fly by and I escape New York.

Also I do have some good post and interviews coming. One very special one with this amazing young photographer I met on twitter. Also post about getting ready for summer and traveling. Guys thank you so much for sticking by me and reading this little rinky dink experiment. Peace and Love.


Oh please listen to this song! I can’t tell you guys how amazing it is. It gives me a cool early summer late spring vibe and it’s super chill.