Best Friends: Going away isn’t always leaving

February 2nd, Winter

Now we all have best friends. But just where is this best friend? For most of us they are usually always over our house or you are always over theirs. This was true for me and my best friend for a while. From 7th grade to 9th grade my best friend and I were almost inseparable. We hung out at each others houses every day and did skateboarded EVERY DAY. We were skate rats. We went to school but usually put the books aside to go skateboarding. We watched skate videos and played skate on xbox all the time. It was all we did. It never got boring even if we didn’t say a word to each other while skating around his driveway we still enjoyed our company together. These days lasted for a while then in 11th grade he moved away. He moved to Florida and it was some of the worst times. I felt super alone and I honestly lost me way. But after the initial missing and as time goes by you start to understand even when your best friend moves away you can still be as tight as ever. I learned this and also getting older you understand, you don’t have to be around your best friend all the time to know exactly why you guys are best friends.

We stayed in contact and every conversation felt like we never skipped a beat. Even hundreds of miles away I still know I can call up my best friend and he can make me laugh and feel like we are back at his house just hanging out. To all you lucky folks that happened to have your best friend around still in your 20s how have you guys been going? Has them being there and you guys growing older strengthened the friendship or do you find yourself fading? I know there can be a lot of different variables when this situation happens but I know something for certain. Even when my best friend went away, he never left me. And with that I lucked out myself.

Thank you for reading guys as always. I wrote this because I had a recent conversation with my friend and we shared some big news with each other. We are going to be reuniting and living close to each other again! Im so pumped for this I cannot wait! Anyways you guys may have noticed I deleted all my social media. There’s a reason for this and I will be posting up that special blog next week. Thank you guys for reading!



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