Winter : A time for change

January 25th , Winter

You ever wonder why Winter gets such a bad rep? Not many things that are “beautiful” or “positive” are associated with Winter. But for me Winter is a beautiful thing. Not only because my Birthday falls in this season. *January 5th* (yay me) But it’s just a great time for change. I guess some see Winter as a time to get more in shape. You need to get your beach body ready ! (which I don’t have) but that’s the fullest extent of change I see people talk about.

Winter, to me, is much more than short days and long nights. Much more than snow filled weeks and cold weather. Winter allows us to work on ourselves. Not having to constantly be out and about. Letting us concentrate on ourselves more and not as much as being around others constantly. I take my time usually being extra careful and planning out my year during winter, especially January. I set goals for the year, make plans, and just look for new ways to do everyday things to improve myself. One thing I love doing is setting benchmarks for myself. These benchmarks are guides to help me track my progress on which goals I want to achieve. This year I have a huge goal. Finish my novel that I’ve been writing since I was 18 years old. I gave myself until October and set different marks through out the year on where I should be in my progress. This is only one example of the many things I plan on doing and changing this year. Give it a try guys.  There is nothing better than finding ways to be productive and evolving as a person. Trust me you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

So yes, Winter may be boring, cold, annoying, and oh so dull but for me it’s a time of looking out and looking forward. Cheers to a productive year ahead!


Hey people I just want to tell you I’ve been cooking up some very interesting content for you guys (a video of some sort?) Well just be on the look out. I want to expand on this blog bring in other minds and collaborate on issues and topics I feel are really important. So stay tuned and thank you for reading! Also check out this band Coffee Shop. I have have their song “Lean” on constant repeat. ITS GOLD! check it out below


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