Dear Martin : A letter to Dr.King

January 18th, 2016

Today is the day the government has picked to honour your courage. But being a black male in America this day cannot come with more irony than ever. In the year 2016, after we felt the strength of the courage you and many other civil rights fighters we are still in the same position as 1968. Dr.King our people, black people, are still getting murdered daily by officers of authority. We are still being jailed at higher rates for similar crimes. We are still being oppressed. We are still being under represented and we cannot stand for it anymore. It is safe to say that you shook the world Dr. King but now my generation has to take the world and put it on it’s head. In the last 2 years we have seen a rise in black activism. The birth of a beautiful group of individuals who are making STRIDES in the community, society, government, and nation are fighting for what you fought for as well Dr. King. #BlackLivesMatter. That is the name of the movement. Yes, Dr. King isn’t it obvious? Our brothers and sisters lives matter of course. But even in this day and age we are still being mowed down like some sort of animal. A boy playing with a toy was called in the matter of seconds by a police officer who drove up to him, hopped out the police car, and shot him dead. A black boy who was living in the world that you shook. The world that you helped make a little better. A world my generation thought you showed how to be fair, loving, and equal. But it is not. So Dr. King I want you to know. We are so thankful for what you have started but your work is nowhere near done. We will rise and we will be treated like human beings and equal to our white counterparts. We will see your dream fully come true but we aren’t done yet. Be with us as we march , protest, and make waves to be free Dr. King. Thank You.

With love, respect, and great honour,


I know this is different. But this is real raw emotion. Even though I am a writer and want to be as inclusive as possible with my writings I have to be real. I am a young black male in America and I am horrified for my life, my brothers life, my nephews lives, and all my cousins lives. I am fighting the fight to become free one day. Because my life matters. My brothers and sisters lives matter. Black Lives Matter. Thank you for reading.


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