Winter : A time for change

January 25th , Winter

You ever wonder why Winter gets such a bad rep? Not many things that are “beautiful” or “positive” are associated with Winter. But for me Winter is a beautiful thing. Not only because my Birthday falls in this season. *January 5th* (yay me) But it’s just a great time for change. I guess some see Winter as a time to get more in shape. You need to get your beach body ready ! (which I don’t have) but that’s the fullest extent of change I see people talk about.

Winter, to me, is much more than short days and long nights. Much more than snow filled weeks and cold weather. Winter allows us to work on ourselves. Not having to constantly be out and about. Letting us concentrate on ourselves more and not as much as being around others constantly. I take my time usually being extra careful and planning out my year during winter, especially January. I set goals for the year, make plans, and just look for new ways to do everyday things to improve myself. One thing I love doing is setting benchmarks for myself. These benchmarks are guides to help me track my progress on which goals I want to achieve. This year I have a huge goal. Finish my novel that I’ve been writing since I was 18 years old. I gave myself until October and set different marks through out the year on where I should be in my progress. This is only one example of the many things I plan on doing and changing this year. Give it a try guys.  There is nothing better than finding ways to be productive and evolving as a person. Trust me you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

So yes, Winter may be boring, cold, annoying, and oh so dull but for me it’s a time of looking out and looking forward. Cheers to a productive year ahead!


Hey people I just want to tell you I’ve been cooking up some very interesting content for you guys (a video of some sort?) Well just be on the look out. I want to expand on this blog bring in other minds and collaborate on issues and topics I feel are really important. So stay tuned and thank you for reading! Also check out this band Coffee Shop. I have have their song “Lean” on constant repeat. ITS GOLD! check it out below


Dear Martin : A letter to Dr.King

January 18th, 2016

Today is the day the government has picked to honour your courage. But being a black male in America this day cannot come with more irony than ever. In the year 2016, after we felt the strength of the courage you and many other civil rights fighters we are still in the same position as 1968. Dr.King our people, black people, are still getting murdered daily by officers of authority. We are still being jailed at higher rates for similar crimes. We are still being oppressed. We are still being under represented and we cannot stand for it anymore. It is safe to say that you shook the world Dr. King but now my generation has to take the world and put it on it’s head. In the last 2 years we have seen a rise in black activism. The birth of a beautiful group of individuals who are making STRIDES in the community, society, government, and nation are fighting for what you fought for as well Dr. King. #BlackLivesMatter. That is the name of the movement. Yes, Dr. King isn’t it obvious? Our brothers and sisters lives matter of course. But even in this day and age we are still being mowed down like some sort of animal. A boy playing with a toy was called in the matter of seconds by a police officer who drove up to him, hopped out the police car, and shot him dead. A black boy who was living in the world that you shook. The world that you helped make a little better. A world my generation thought you showed how to be fair, loving, and equal. But it is not. So Dr. King I want you to know. We are so thankful for what you have started but your work is nowhere near done. We will rise and we will be treated like human beings and equal to our white counterparts. We will see your dream fully come true but we aren’t done yet. Be with us as we march , protest, and make waves to be free Dr. King. Thank You.

With love, respect, and great honour,


I know this is different. But this is real raw emotion. Even though I am a writer and want to be as inclusive as possible with my writings I have to be real. I am a young black male in America and I am horrified for my life, my brothers life, my nephews lives, and all my cousins lives. I am fighting the fight to become free one day. Because my life matters. My brothers and sisters lives matter. Black Lives Matter. Thank you for reading.

Love Letter to Dallas : Prelude 

Dear Dallas,

There are ways to say things

Or you can take action 

I’m the type to say things with no action

Or make actions with no words to justify it

That night I grabbed your hand 

I never thought what it meant

I just wanted you to walk by my side

There was no words spoken 

But there was no lapse in communication either

On that night I saw things I never thought I would

The face of an angel 

The face so heavenly so vibrant

So warm yet so cool

We linked eyes and laughed 

These next few nights I grew closer to Dallas

Not the girl but the spirit 

We intertwined in ways I never did with anyone else

To keep this short I could’ve lost my life that night but I didn’t think much about it

Because being around you was what made me feel alive

While writing this the pain hasn’t stopped 

Nothing can stop what we lost .

It was inevitable to lose touch

But to lose connection felt miserable 

There’s a way to say you love someone 

There’s a way to say you hate them

Your eyes burned with conviction 

I never seen such hatred

But behind it I could still see 

Past those piercings eyes

The same love that never died in you

So long Dallas…
– Lake

To explain what this is you’ll have to wait a while. This isn’t a random post or anything like that. There’s great meaning to it. Soon you guys will see what it is. Thank you for reading . 

2016 : A New Perspective

January 12th

As we are 12 days into the new year (and one week past my 21st birthday) I have found that the “changes” I was making over the past 12 months haven’t been for myself but for the people around me. Somewhere in 2015 I lost sight on who I was and tried to make change to be someone who the people around me wanted me to be. This all came to a HUGE boiling point on my 21st birthday when I found myself around people I didn’t really like and people who knew nothing of the person I really was. I was tired of the facade.

After a huge mental breakdown, a few days of dizzying arguments and venting sessions with various characters, and a few hours of alone time to reflect I found that what I needed was a revival of some sort. But not of this whole new person but the person I was hiding from others and honestly trying to hide from myself. I love anime, Italian Renaissance Art, rock music, reading, video games, and days alone to write and reflect. I am not this super outgoing, fashion driven popular guy that I was portraying. Even though I have a lot of interest in fashion and all that; that stuff doesn’t define me. Yes I am well dressed, yes I watch fashion shows and read fashion blogs, yes I go out and drink, smoke, party, when I want to and I love being the life of the party. That image was hard to keep up. Especially with the new “friends” that I made. Those who knew me the most knew that I wasn’t being true to myself and read right through me. I’m glad they did. And when they didn’t show up on my 21st birthday that’s when I felt the loneliest. I struggled with depression a lot when I was young and the people who helped me out of it were nowhere to be found, because I pushed them away. I almost found myself slipping back and I had to realize that that was not my life anymore.

12 days into 2016 I’ve become a phoenix. Sometimes you have to burn out red hot to be reborn. That’s what I did. I am me. I can only be me and the people who come around should be able to respect that. Even into your 20s you can struggle with self identity it isn’t easy. So find who you are and grab onto what you love and what you are comfortable with. Don’t compromise it for others. Don’t try to be “that” person just because you think some people would be fun to hang out with sometimes. At the end of the day you will find yourself missing something…And that something is You. Thank you.


The last two weeks have been a whole revelation for me. I had things lined up to write about but I will put those on hold and see those topics through my eyes and not the person I was trying to be eyes. Also I have a important piece of work with a amazing young creative like myself about mental health. Hope I didn’t lose any of you guys. I am here and I will be here for a while. Thank you guys for coming on this journey with me.