New Year New You?: How to stay Motivated

It is easy to say, “New Year, New Me” but is it really? So yes we all have that pessimistic friend who posts on their social media “You mothafuckas aren’t going to change, New year new me is bullshit”. Hey that person will probably just be doing the same miserable shit they did in the year before. But let’s make it clear, New Years is a GREAT time to start a change. The only thing most people have trouble with is sticking to that plan and changing.

Now let’s be real most of us want to get that gut off of us ASAP. So we sign up for that gym membership and by MLK day we are back to being fat lazy fucks. IT’S TRUE! But just because most of us do it does not mean you can’t aspire to make that healthy change in life. The first step in changing is realization. When you realize, why you want to change, how you want to change, and what your change entails; that’s the first step of changing all together.

Change is never easy. It takes hella commitment, time, and patience. But if you are striving for something as big as living a healthier and better life or something as small as being more organized the steps you take have to come with repetition and patience.

Also staying motivated for that change is a huge deal as well. There’s nothing worst that 1 AM life changing ideas. By time you wake up that revelation has passed and you just go back to living the same way you have before. Remember write your goal down. If you really want to achieve it having it written down is a great way to stay motivated and just remembering it if it was a 1 am life changing idea.

So let the New Year be your guide to a new you. Don’t let the person who always says they want something to change in their life in the next year then never make the effort to do dictate your strive for change. And if you want some extra help check out this great article I read. It’s about staying focused on your long term goals. Give it a read. How to stay motivated for change



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