Tales of a Man: Love Lost/Found

I know you guys thought the blog was done. But it’s not. After careful consideration and a lot of feedback from close friends they told me to keep writing. They love what I write and how I write. So… I’m back. Now let me tell you a story.

There was a boy. Very naive and young. In school he chased girls and thought nothing of it. It didn’t matter the consequences. He loved the attention. Every sip of that sweet nectar of relevance he reveled in. Then he had his heart broken. His 18th birthday. The year before he went to college he felt lower than low. He couldn’t understand how the love of his life could leave him cold feet at the prom. That summer he reinvented himself. He set out a goal. In college when he went away he would be loved by all. This didn’t exactly work out. He made great friends but let his clouded vision from the heartbreak questions everyone’s real intentions. He made of mess of his first year of college. Second year rolls around. He goes in again with a new perspective. Be happy, be kind, be loving. He did just that and with that he gained a great circle of friends. Then he meet a girl. A girl from his past but was still somewhat new. He had great interest in her and always pondered what it would be like to actually talk to her. They never talked. Not much. Conversations always got cut short or they would lose time to busy life events. Then they reconnected. Formed a bond stronger than ever. This bond would spark a amazing friendship. But when he started to feel his heart being guided into her palms, she would seek someone else. He was forced to move on. But being the new person he was he didn’t leave her. He stayed. A great friend in need and whenever she needed help he was there. He watched her go from one bad relationship to the next. But always finding time for her. Then he asked her the question. “Why always them? Why not me?” She hesitated. He wasn’t great with timing but spoke his mind gloriously and articulated through every word how much he cared for her. He needed to reassure her that it would be fine. He still waits for that answer…


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