The Laid Back Classic Man : Richy Koll

When I seen Richy I was scrolling through my feed. This dude popped up in some of the coolest clothes and chillest style I’ve seen in a while. He can dress and his love for skateboarding was a deal breaker when I went to follow his style blog. Richy is a very laid back but also super into exciting activities as well as being a model. Check him out below along with my interview with him.


Who are you and what do you do ?
I´m Richy Koll, from Austria and 21 years old. I work as a Model and Blogger for a year and a half I guess and I love it. It is great work and I can talk about clothes, I really like clothes…
How do you describe your style?
My style! I think my style is a mixed between vintage, streetwear, skater and classic.
What got you interested in fashion and style?
I´m very interested in fashion and different styles, because I love to combinate and find everyday new inspirations.
Would you ever consider designing a line?
My own Fashion-Label! Sure, if I could I would create my own collection, it would be minimalistic, clear & clean!
What designer would you have as your personal stylist ?
Karl Lagerfeld! Because he is a great man and he sees the world like me.
Any hobbies you enjoy doing ?
I´m a really sporty guy. I do everything that’s fun and what is healthy for my body, for instance I play a lot of soccer, volleyball, tennis etc. also I love to swim! I like to do extreme sports as well, for example mountain climbing, parachuting etc.
But I also like to relax at home with my dog, meet up with my friends, take some pictures, and just have fun! There’s A a lot of things to do… 🙂
Words that describe you?
Fashion, style, sport, healthy, fitness, brands, clear, minimalistic, clean, white, black, denim, iphone, wanderlust, sneakers, baggies, travel, city…
Typical weekend night for you?
A typical weekend night! Come home from work (shoots, cooperations with brands, catwalk, etc) change my clothes, go to the gym do my workout, come home again relax on the sofa, and watch a good film; something like that 🙂
Any music you are enjoying right now ?
I like “HIP-HOP” a lot, and at the moment I’m enjoying “The Weeknd: Wanderlust”, “Kanye West”, “Drake”, “Tez Cadey: Seve”, “Cro”, “Justin Bieber” and much more…■
.If you want to stay up with Richy you can follow all his social media below and his blog!

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