The Black, The Grey, The Beautiful : Waters Riley

November 22nd

I’ve been using a little site called LookBook for some years now. My interest in fashion and style has been mine since I was a young tween. While scrolling through the many outfits from random people I fell upon Waters. A very clean very edgy lady with a dark aesthetic which I took a liking to. I reached out to see what she was all about. I was lucky enough to get some questions from the amazingly dressed lady.

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Who are you and what do you do ?

My name is Waters Riley, I am a fashion blogger from Street Fem. I’m a full time employee for Google Fiber and and part time blogger.

How do you describe your style?

My style consist of edgy street wear and structured grunge.

What got you interested in fashion and style?

Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I bought my first pair when I was 17 or 18 and decided to showcase my style on Lookbook and then created a website called Street Fem.

Would you ever consider designing a line?

Not really

What designer would you have as your personal stylist ?

Alexander McQueen but he has passed away so my second choice would be Rick Owens.

Besides dressing really well what else do you find yourself doing?

Lots of things, I am passionate about yoga and meditation, reading articles about food or world news. I also enjoy cooking and learning how to cook new meals.

Any fashion tips for the winter coming up?

Besides trying to stay warm, I am on the hunt for the perfect winter jacket, looking for a light grey boyfriend style. I currently have one from H&M but it’s two years old and still my favorite. I recently purchased suede knee high boots from ASOS. As far as colors, black, grey and white are my go to choices. I would suggest getting some big chunky boots for stomping in the snow, for example, UNIF Choke Boots are my favorite.

You have this grungy goth style what music do you listen to ?

I love Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Dean Martin, and classical music.

What aesthetics influence your style ? (Like any movies or movie styles ?)

I can’t think of any movies that influence my style, but I do love watching movies and the key points I take away are the personas of characters. I like to pick a character I recently watched and have that portrayed into real life. For example: If I just watched a movie with Johnny Depp, I would then take some lines from that scene and the personality traits throughout my day. A few aesthetics that influence my style are my plants and nature of outside (trees, flowers, leaves), I love the simplicity of them. I always try to look simple, put together, and edgy, and of course the attitude that comes from watching movies, attitude/confidence is the most important thing you can wear.

Words you live by?

Make your own momentum and breathe. I use to not be in control of how I was breathing, which created anxiety, which I then learned to breathe in the nose and out the mouth. That is why I love yoga so much, it helped me to relax, understand, and let my anxiety not so much dwindle away but let it a part of my personality.

Typical weekend night for you?

Emailing and blogging while listening to Netflix. Lately, I’ve been watching french movies, it is a dream of mine to be fluent in french. The language is so beautiful and how it flows together.■

If you want to keep up with Waters she has her own blog and other social media down below. Go follow her and check her out!


unif choke boot styled


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