One Off : Late Night Marauder

12:44 AM

I’m listening to young artist and their takes on music a lot these days. No major music and no radio music. Rips from soundcloud mostly. I’ve found my head space more on the creative side lately. Finally pursuing my first real clothing product and conducting interviews and writing bits of my novel. All while starting a new job and killing it in my college classes. I like to keep myself busy. I have to admit I use to be lazy. Not much lazy as a procrastinator. Now I can’t seem to not be doing something. I don’t really know what is channeling this resurgence in energy and creativity but I like every second of it. I find myself writing a lot. It’s what I do best. I’ve dipped my hand back into drawing and I’m looking to take up painting soon as well. Whatever keeps my mind busy and doing exciting things is what I’m loving right now.

Part II of the Dating post is coming at 11:00 AM. I just did some touches to it. Plus I have some really fun really amazing interviews with some good people that I just decided to do. Things are shaping for a really good end of the year and fun start to the new year. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoi…



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