Dating: Is it important to have common interest/taste? (Part 2)

November 15th

Now I also had my time with someone the total opposite of me. She was beautiful, fun, outgoing, and never stopped smiling. Could you imagine a grey blob as myself being attracted to a rainbow? It happened and for some reason she liked me back.

My first year of college rolled around and I met this beautiful young lady one night out with friends. Her first words ever spoken to me was “I like that band” (pointing at my shirt) “Well I use to” You can imagine I went from hearing the greatest ever compliment to the super confused facial expression in seconds. “I don’t like rock music anymore. I’m more into EDM” I’m sorry guys, But EDM is garbage. But we found ourselves talking and chatting it up. She was country girl who tried to rebel from all she knew and I was just some Long Island kid trying to get the fuck out of NY. Our worlds collided and I have to admit. It was amazing.

We didn’t see each other after that night for a few weeks. I tried to find her everywhere around campus until one day I bumped into her eating in the dining hall. I sat my ass down and we picked up almost from where we left off. Her telling me about the country life. Growing up with 6 brothers and sisters and how she owned cows and chickens. I told her about my growing up in a rough area and finding skateboarding as a outlet to escape the violence. Two different existences vibing along to one universal path.

We ended up talking for a good 2 months straight. Even visited each other during our Christmas break. We started dating a week before Christmas. We couldn’t get enough of each other and we stayed consistent for a while. Everyday seemed like a new chapter to what was her beautiful, sometimes cruel, but ultimately mesmerizing life. I couldn’t get enough.

We liked nothing the other liked. She was a hockey fan I liked soccer. She liked farm life I loved the city life. She loved red sauce. I loved anything BUT red sauce. But just as bright as our flame had burned for 4 months it went out just as hard. She started to hate my political views. I started finding her ignorance of all things current events annoying. We picked at each other and tried to set each other off until one day we decided maybe we were TOO different. The fascination turned into borderline disgust. Plus our friend groups could never mesh. We called it off.

From time to time I’ll receive the “hope all is well” text. To which I reply “Couldn’t be better , hope the same for you” It’s almost routine.

Does this solve the question of what’s better? Having a lot in common or attracting opposites? Well no. But I found that in either case there are PROS and CONS. It really all depends on how much you want something to work. These were lessons taught and I don’t regret any of it. But would I live my life off these dating strategies? HELL NO. VIBE with someone and if it happens to last and it’s meant to last, IT WILL. Don’t think about it too much.

Thank you guys for listening. I KNOW this took forever to come out. I apologize. But I hoped you enjoyed it. I will be writing a lot more of these kind of post soon. Thanks for reading.


Oh Snapchat introduced me to this amazing song. It’s in heavy rotation on my iphone and I hope you guys take a fancy to it. Listen Below


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