Dating: Is it important to have common interest/taste? (Part 1)

November 8th, Fall

This post is going to be a little different. It’s going to be in 2 parts and going to contain some narrative. I hope you guys enjoy.

In my short amount of time and very broad experience of dating I always heard two cliches. “Opposites attract” and “We have so much in common, let’s go on a date”. With these two conflicting ideas of course no one knows how the hell to date anyone these days. It isn’t easy asking someone out so when you’re faced with one of these instances , either you two have a lot in common or you two are complete opposites but can still hold fun conversations, what do you do? Well for me, I tried both ways and honestly I can say it really depends on the person and how the relationship will go and how it grows.

For one instance, one Friday afternoon I found myself where I always find myself on a Friday. In the Barnes & Nobles, while going through the New Science Fiction section I noticed someone pick up the book I was scouting. It was “Trigger Warning” by my favorite author Neil Gaiman. I couldn’t help but to be little annoyed (it was the LAST COPY) but then I turned and she said “Neil Gaiman is amazing can’t believe they have this in physical copy”. Then I found myself saying “yeah, that’s exactly why I’m here.” She laughed, “Sorry were you looking for this?” she put it back on the shelf. “It’s fine I have it on my ipad anyway”. This exchange lead to us talking about Neil Gaiman (my idol and the greatest author of our modern time) for a few hours. We exchanged numbers.

Now me and this wonderful person talked everyday all day about things both funny and serious. We found a common ground and we had so much in common. I know you’re wondering. Well did it work out?

For a while it did(5 months). It was great. Conversations never felt short but arguments rarely happened. We rarely fought and kinda agreed on pretty much everything. The relationship grew stagnant and by no fault of either us we kinda grew tired of each other. Days were filled with insightful conversation but also many dead ends. One day we found ourselves just saying “yup,yeah, i totally agree” and that was where things stood. And I am conceited but dating yourself (which it what it felt like) gets boring after a while.

This is NOT to say when you have a lot in common that it won’t work but for us. It worked…too well. I know this may sound dumb but that is how we saw it. We felt we were way too young to be so comfortable and we swore a pact that in 20 years if we haven’t found anyone we would get married.

Thank you for reading part 1 of my 2 part story. I know I haven’t posted in a while but life is pretty crazy. I hope you guys enjoy the hell out of this because I want to write more stuff like this. Much Love.


P.S. I have found myself LOVING the new Cold Play song, Adventure of a Lifetime. It’s appropriately named. Vibe out to it! 🙂 Thank you guys.


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