The Laid Back Classic Man : Richy Koll

When I seen Richy I was scrolling through my feed. This dude popped up in some of the coolest clothes and chillest style I’ve seen in a while. He can dress and his love for skateboarding was a deal breaker when I went to follow his style blog. Richy is a very laid back but also super into exciting activities as well as being a model. Check him out below along with my interview with him.


Who are you and what do you do ?
I´m Richy Koll, from Austria and 21 years old. I work as a Model and Blogger for a year and a half I guess and I love it. It is great work and I can talk about clothes, I really like clothes…
How do you describe your style?
My style! I think my style is a mixed between vintage, streetwear, skater and classic.
What got you interested in fashion and style?
I´m very interested in fashion and different styles, because I love to combinate and find everyday new inspirations.
Would you ever consider designing a line?
My own Fashion-Label! Sure, if I could I would create my own collection, it would be minimalistic, clear & clean!
What designer would you have as your personal stylist ?
Karl Lagerfeld! Because he is a great man and he sees the world like me.
Any hobbies you enjoy doing ?
I´m a really sporty guy. I do everything that’s fun and what is healthy for my body, for instance I play a lot of soccer, volleyball, tennis etc. also I love to swim! I like to do extreme sports as well, for example mountain climbing, parachuting etc.
But I also like to relax at home with my dog, meet up with my friends, take some pictures, and just have fun! There’s A a lot of things to do… 🙂
Words that describe you?
Fashion, style, sport, healthy, fitness, brands, clear, minimalistic, clean, white, black, denim, iphone, wanderlust, sneakers, baggies, travel, city…
Typical weekend night for you?
A typical weekend night! Come home from work (shoots, cooperations with brands, catwalk, etc) change my clothes, go to the gym do my workout, come home again relax on the sofa, and watch a good film; something like that 🙂
Any music you are enjoying right now ?
I like “HIP-HOP” a lot, and at the moment I’m enjoying “The Weeknd: Wanderlust”, “Kanye West”, “Drake”, “Tez Cadey: Seve”, “Cro”, “Justin Bieber” and much more…■
.If you want to stay up with Richy you can follow all his social media below and his blog!

The Black, The Grey, The Beautiful : Waters Riley

November 22nd

I’ve been using a little site called LookBook for some years now. My interest in fashion and style has been mine since I was a young tween. While scrolling through the many outfits from random people I fell upon Waters. A very clean very edgy lady with a dark aesthetic which I took a liking to. I reached out to see what she was all about. I was lucky enough to get some questions from the amazingly dressed lady.

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Who are you and what do you do ?

My name is Waters Riley, I am a fashion blogger from Street Fem. I’m a full time employee for Google Fiber and and part time blogger.

How do you describe your style?

My style consist of edgy street wear and structured grunge.

What got you interested in fashion and style?

Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I bought my first pair when I was 17 or 18 and decided to showcase my style on Lookbook and then created a website called Street Fem.

Would you ever consider designing a line?

Not really

What designer would you have as your personal stylist ?

Alexander McQueen but he has passed away so my second choice would be Rick Owens.

Besides dressing really well what else do you find yourself doing?

Lots of things, I am passionate about yoga and meditation, reading articles about food or world news. I also enjoy cooking and learning how to cook new meals.

Any fashion tips for the winter coming up?

Besides trying to stay warm, I am on the hunt for the perfect winter jacket, looking for a light grey boyfriend style. I currently have one from H&M but it’s two years old and still my favorite. I recently purchased suede knee high boots from ASOS. As far as colors, black, grey and white are my go to choices. I would suggest getting some big chunky boots for stomping in the snow, for example, UNIF Choke Boots are my favorite.

You have this grungy goth style what music do you listen to ?

I love Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Dean Martin, and classical music.

What aesthetics influence your style ? (Like any movies or movie styles ?)

I can’t think of any movies that influence my style, but I do love watching movies and the key points I take away are the personas of characters. I like to pick a character I recently watched and have that portrayed into real life. For example: If I just watched a movie with Johnny Depp, I would then take some lines from that scene and the personality traits throughout my day. A few aesthetics that influence my style are my plants and nature of outside (trees, flowers, leaves), I love the simplicity of them. I always try to look simple, put together, and edgy, and of course the attitude that comes from watching movies, attitude/confidence is the most important thing you can wear.

Words you live by?

Make your own momentum and breathe. I use to not be in control of how I was breathing, which created anxiety, which I then learned to breathe in the nose and out the mouth. That is why I love yoga so much, it helped me to relax, understand, and let my anxiety not so much dwindle away but let it a part of my personality.

Typical weekend night for you?

Emailing and blogging while listening to Netflix. Lately, I’ve been watching french movies, it is a dream of mine to be fluent in french. The language is so beautiful and how it flows together.■

If you want to keep up with Waters she has her own blog and other social media down below. Go follow her and check her out!


unif choke boot styled

Dating: Is it important to have common interest/taste? (Part 2)

November 15th

Now I also had my time with someone the total opposite of me. She was beautiful, fun, outgoing, and never stopped smiling. Could you imagine a grey blob as myself being attracted to a rainbow? It happened and for some reason she liked me back.

My first year of college rolled around and I met this beautiful young lady one night out with friends. Her first words ever spoken to me was “I like that band” (pointing at my shirt) “Well I use to” You can imagine I went from hearing the greatest ever compliment to the super confused facial expression in seconds. “I don’t like rock music anymore. I’m more into EDM” I’m sorry guys, But EDM is garbage. But we found ourselves talking and chatting it up. She was country girl who tried to rebel from all she knew and I was just some Long Island kid trying to get the fuck out of NY. Our worlds collided and I have to admit. It was amazing.

We didn’t see each other after that night for a few weeks. I tried to find her everywhere around campus until one day I bumped into her eating in the dining hall. I sat my ass down and we picked up almost from where we left off. Her telling me about the country life. Growing up with 6 brothers and sisters and how she owned cows and chickens. I told her about my growing up in a rough area and finding skateboarding as a outlet to escape the violence. Two different existences vibing along to one universal path.

We ended up talking for a good 2 months straight. Even visited each other during our Christmas break. We started dating a week before Christmas. We couldn’t get enough of each other and we stayed consistent for a while. Everyday seemed like a new chapter to what was her beautiful, sometimes cruel, but ultimately mesmerizing life. I couldn’t get enough.

We liked nothing the other liked. She was a hockey fan I liked soccer. She liked farm life I loved the city life. She loved red sauce. I loved anything BUT red sauce. But just as bright as our flame had burned for 4 months it went out just as hard. She started to hate my political views. I started finding her ignorance of all things current events annoying. We picked at each other and tried to set each other off until one day we decided maybe we were TOO different. The fascination turned into borderline disgust. Plus our friend groups could never mesh. We called it off.

From time to time I’ll receive the “hope all is well” text. To which I reply “Couldn’t be better , hope the same for you” It’s almost routine.

Does this solve the question of what’s better? Having a lot in common or attracting opposites? Well no. But I found that in either case there are PROS and CONS. It really all depends on how much you want something to work. These were lessons taught and I don’t regret any of it. But would I live my life off these dating strategies? HELL NO. VIBE with someone and if it happens to last and it’s meant to last, IT WILL. Don’t think about it too much.

Thank you guys for listening. I KNOW this took forever to come out. I apologize. But I hoped you enjoyed it. I will be writing a lot more of these kind of post soon. Thanks for reading.


Oh Snapchat introduced me to this amazing song. It’s in heavy rotation on my iphone and I hope you guys take a fancy to it. Listen Below

One Off : Late Night Marauder

12:44 AM

I’m listening to young artist and their takes on music a lot these days. No major music and no radio music. Rips from soundcloud mostly. I’ve found my head space more on the creative side lately. Finally pursuing my first real clothing product and conducting interviews and writing bits of my novel. All while starting a new job and killing it in my college classes. I like to keep myself busy. I have to admit I use to be lazy. Not much lazy as a procrastinator. Now I can’t seem to not be doing something. I don’t really know what is channeling this resurgence in energy and creativity but I like every second of it. I find myself writing a lot. It’s what I do best. I’ve dipped my hand back into drawing and I’m looking to take up painting soon as well. Whatever keeps my mind busy and doing exciting things is what I’m loving right now.

Part II of the Dating post is coming at 11:00 AM. I just did some touches to it. Plus I have some really fun really amazing interviews with some good people that I just decided to do. Things are shaping for a really good end of the year and fun start to the new year. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoi…


Dating: Is it important to have common interest/taste? (Part 1)

November 8th, Fall

This post is going to be a little different. It’s going to be in 2 parts and going to contain some narrative. I hope you guys enjoy.

In my short amount of time and very broad experience of dating I always heard two cliches. “Opposites attract” and “We have so much in common, let’s go on a date”. With these two conflicting ideas of course no one knows how the hell to date anyone these days. It isn’t easy asking someone out so when you’re faced with one of these instances , either you two have a lot in common or you two are complete opposites but can still hold fun conversations, what do you do? Well for me, I tried both ways and honestly I can say it really depends on the person and how the relationship will go and how it grows.

For one instance, one Friday afternoon I found myself where I always find myself on a Friday. In the Barnes & Nobles, while going through the New Science Fiction section I noticed someone pick up the book I was scouting. It was “Trigger Warning” by my favorite author Neil Gaiman. I couldn’t help but to be little annoyed (it was the LAST COPY) but then I turned and she said “Neil Gaiman is amazing can’t believe they have this in physical copy”. Then I found myself saying “yeah, that’s exactly why I’m here.” She laughed, “Sorry were you looking for this?” she put it back on the shelf. “It’s fine I have it on my ipad anyway”. This exchange lead to us talking about Neil Gaiman (my idol and the greatest author of our modern time) for a few hours. We exchanged numbers.

Now me and this wonderful person talked everyday all day about things both funny and serious. We found a common ground and we had so much in common. I know you’re wondering. Well did it work out?

For a while it did(5 months). It was great. Conversations never felt short but arguments rarely happened. We rarely fought and kinda agreed on pretty much everything. The relationship grew stagnant and by no fault of either us we kinda grew tired of each other. Days were filled with insightful conversation but also many dead ends. One day we found ourselves just saying “yup,yeah, i totally agree” and that was where things stood. And I am conceited but dating yourself (which it what it felt like) gets boring after a while.

This is NOT to say when you have a lot in common that it won’t work but for us. It worked…too well. I know this may sound dumb but that is how we saw it. We felt we were way too young to be so comfortable and we swore a pact that in 20 years if we haven’t found anyone we would get married.

Thank you for reading part 1 of my 2 part story. I know I haven’t posted in a while but life is pretty crazy. I hope you guys enjoy the hell out of this because I want to write more stuff like this. Much Love.


P.S. I have found myself LOVING the new Cold Play song, Adventure of a Lifetime. It’s appropriately named. Vibe out to it! 🙂 Thank you guys.