Down Time : The Art of Relaxing

October 28th, Fall

Sorry guys for being away so long. I’ve been drowning in the homework and work work of my new found adult life and that is what is inspiring this post I am writing today.

Listen to this while reading.

The times now a days are hectic we are a little pass midterm and coming to the end of the fall semester. (Doesn’t it feel weird?) Where has the time gone? And while most are busy and stressing out I want to take the time to tell you that RELAXING and taking a time out from the constant work load is important. Not only for you physically but mentally as well.

In a time where it seems like everyone is constantly on the go, down time seems almost foreign to us millennials.Now there’s a difference between down town and outright being lazy and procrastinating. I’m not saying take a infinite amount of down time and just give up on your task at hand but I am saying take a mental break from it.

There’s nothing worst than being over worked and fatigued and I found myself in that situation a lot. This is for my perfectionist. We all know we need to get those task we need to do done and do the absolute best 100% of the time and selfthat is such a stress on us. The constant work loads we put even on ourselves of taking in extra projects and tasks just to feel validated can get out of hand. Funny thing is we are so used to being backed into the corner we have became the Muhammad Ali’s of having our backs to the ropes. But this can lead to mental fatigue and I experienced that first hand as well.

In a world where mental health isn’t taken as serious as it should be I find it important to keep myself in the most healthy most joyful and clean mental state possible. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t find days where I’m stressed, either down or upset, or just over thinking because that is normal. But I also try to balance those days out with mental cleanses(thats not as bad as that actually sounds) mental breaks, and relaxation. For me I like to read books in a library or book store. I go for drives to random places with no music on just the sound of the road and I also draw and write. Taking time to remold your brain and refresh it is just as important as using that brain to it’s full extent when needed.

So all those projects you got and all that homework and other task you’ve been trying to finish shouldn’t feel so bad. Plus it’s always good to tackle things with a fresh mind and clear vision. Oh and make sure to get some SLEEP! I can’t stress how important taking that 8 hours of complete rest and sleep is to your body. Be kind to your body AND your MIND! they are the only ones you have.

Here’s some links for meditation methods:

Meditation method

& for the worker who can’t find a place to meditate here’s some meditation advice for at work 

Meditate at work
Thanks for reading!

P.S. I will be back soon with new content and more blogs I should take my own advice and get some downtime soon! Anyways for the lovers of work listen to BOTHER by LES SINS. “Don’t bother me I’m working” is your new anthem. Trust me.!


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