Adult Life: THE REAL WORLD! (Not the MTV show)

October 15th, Fall

Listen to this while you read,

I got my first real taste of the real world since turning 20 in January. Today I payed my own phone bill, my own car insurance, and my own tuition; with no help from either of my parents. I worked my ass off at work and requested more hours just thinking about bills. While most people hate bills to me it has shown a sign of growth from me. There is nothing better than spending your own hard earned money. I think you’ve finally grown when you become hesitant of taking any kind of hand out or even anything money wise from family members. It just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Now the real world is more than just paying bills and dying. But honestly its a good chunk of it. I don’t want to sound all morbid and negative but that is the reality. This week I’ve been questioning myself on where my life has gone and where I expect to be in the next year. For me, this has a lot of possibilities. Taking this time at home has been more than revolutionary for me. I’ve found my strengths and exposed my weaknesses. All things I can work on. But I’m happy that studying my life and asking real questions like, is my major what I want to do? Should I stay home or find a apartment? Should I go back up to my old university and graduate there? So many things are being considered and it hasn’t stressed me out. It has only made me excited for what’s ahead of me. Grabbing the very poorly drawn map of what is my life I’m following it. Making wrong turns and also discovering great things. Life has been nothing but a amazing ride lately.

Thank you for reading


P.S. I think you guys would appreciate something different. Check out New Dust Indie Blog . They have great music and some songs I suggest come from there. Great collection of music and easily accessible. Check it out. PEACE!


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