Dating: Crushing on your Best Friend

October 13th, Fall

Listen to this while you read

There comes a time where that person you share intimate and close things with and most likely seen naked once or twice (either on accident or not) and can’t wait to hang around and do nothing with captures your eye…in a different light.

Your best friend can be your world and they can be everything you like in a person. But when does that turn into something more? Well… For me it happened backwards. I had a insane crush on a girl in high school. We talked (as friends) on and off for years. Finally in college we actually hung out and instead of me making moves I made a great friend .

Now I can say that our friendship is strong but does the admittance of feelings have to mess things up with friends? In many movies, tv shows, and books alike we find that you can’t ever stay friends with someone if you start to feel more or they start to feel more. Especially if the feelings aren’t mutual. But why exactly is that? Is the feeling of not being liked back, the feeling of being denied so strong that you have to cut out the friendship that you have made with that person? Does “taking things to the next level” (if the feelings are mutual) does that mean the level of friendship is now over and the bond you two have made doesn’t matter? I don’t think so. But this seems to be a a problem with many friends of all races, genders, sexual preferences, religions, etc. It’s one thing we all have in common.

couplSo why do we feel that friendship and relationship can’t be separate entities? Why do we always want to sacrifices one for the other? These are questions we should all think about. Personally I know way too many great friendships gone south because of a crush (some of them which were mine and some that were friends of mine with their respected friend). Friendships don’t have to end where crushing and or relation begins.

I’ll try to end this post on a positive light. Maybe you find that you can keep your friendship and move on to bigger things. Try to keep that outlet open and don’t dismiss it. Friendships are really important and hey if you’re crushing on your friend tell them to check the song out below and Give You a Try!

Thanks for reading



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