Fall : The Equinox

October 11, Fall

Listen while you read

Fall is an interesting time for a 20 year old person like me. Changing of the seasons is always a beautiful sight. Nature’s way of starting over has always been a refreshing thing for me. Also an excuse for me to experiment with change as well. While many times forced changes like a new diet or a new haircut; this year the changes have been more natural.

It’s my first time in two years being home (or the place I lived with my parents during high school) during fall. After transferring back to a Long Island college I had the post-awayfromhome university blues. I thought my life was over. I thought my freedom was snatched from me and most importantly I would miss all my great friends I made at University. From August to early September I found myself hating everything around me. Hating being back home, Hating the new college I was in and hating not being away from Long Island. Me visiting my old University during Labor day weekend didn’t help either. After coming home from that visit I had my mind set on working my ass off and getting loans to go back to my beloved favorite place. Then things took a strange turn.


From September until now a kind of “revolution” happened. I ended up finding a great job , getting my own bills paid and getting a new car. Things that I never really thought about doing started taking shape. It was happening and I honestly didn’t notice it. Then one day I met someone new for the first time in a long time on Long Island. I found myself starting to open up to new people and new adventures and where I am now is nowhere near where I thought I would be a few months back. These changes have been alarming to me. But not in a negative way. Maybe my self pity and hard headedness was what was stopping me from experiencing new things. i’m happy i broke that mold.

Fall is usually the season of things dying and hiding away to get ready for a Winter solstice. For me fall has been as rejuvenating as a Spring wash of birth. Isn’t it ironic how beautiful things are in the Fall when it’s all dying? That has nothing to do with my post but just a observation.

Thanks for reading


P.S. The Early November is one of my favorite bands. Wearing the Tie is a great song almost nostalgic of early pop punk music. Give it a listen. It’s amazing.



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