Dating: In your 20s (Social Media Edition)

October 10th, Fall

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I’m swiping right on tinder, like a maniac, I mean; like after like after like. But what’s weird is… I probably won’t meet or even see half of these women. Dating in your 20’s for us millennials is somewhat of a mix of chance and carefree-ness. Let’s be honest that girl you just swiped right to you probably would never ever bump into at your local coffee shop. That’s the thing. Dating made easy? I guess you can say so but I won’t hold you to it. Even with potential dates at the tip of your fingers (Literally) dating isn’t all as easy as we want it to be.

Finding a suitor now a days is as easy as a swipe but has dating become easier? Definitely not. With all this cool social media has come the crescendo in insecurity and what we call “cyber stalking” looking at every little thing your significant other is doing from the privacy of your phone or laptop. What the hell is going on with us? I dated a girl who would recite tweets I favorited from girls, randomly. She would screenshot retweets and pictures I liked and send them to me at 4 in the morning. Is this what we have to look forward to in dating now a days? I hope it’s not. I’m not here to preach being all high and mighty. I know I’m not. I peek around sometimes but that’s more general curiosity than FBI digging and snooping. So is it harder for us to date now that every aspect of our lives is all over for people to see? I think you can say that.

Is online dating making it harder for us to meet people in real life situations? Well from the countless studies being done (Socially and Scientifically) might say our generation is getting a lot worst at communicating with each other even though we are always in touch. I’m no scientist but from what I’ve been through I can second this. Why is it so hard to get through to your significant other now a days even though all you do is text each other. Well I guess my generation will find out as the studies keep rolling in.

These are just some things to think about and consider. You guys have horror stories in relationships caused from social media or a horrible online dating experience? Did it ruin things? I can only imagine.

Thanks for reading guys.

P.S. You guys should check out this song. It’s fucking amazing I can’t get it out my head lately. Peace and love



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