Down Time : The Art of Relaxing

October 28th, Fall

Sorry guys for being away so long. I’ve been drowning in the homework and work work of my new found adult life and that is what is inspiring this post I am writing today.

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The times now a days are hectic we are a little pass midterm and coming to the end of the fall semester. (Doesn’t it feel weird?) Where has the time gone? And while most are busy and stressing out I want to take the time to tell you that RELAXING and taking a time out from the constant work load is important. Not only for you physically but mentally as well.

In a time where it seems like everyone is constantly on the go, down time seems almost foreign to us millennials.Now there’s a difference between down town and outright being lazy and procrastinating. I’m not saying take a infinite amount of down time and just give up on your task at hand but I am saying take a mental break from it.

There’s nothing worst than being over worked and fatigued and I found myself in that situation a lot. This is for my perfectionist. We all know we need to get those task we need to do done and do the absolute best 100% of the time and selfthat is such a stress on us. The constant work loads we put even on ourselves of taking in extra projects and tasks just to feel validated can get out of hand. Funny thing is we are so used to being backed into the corner we have became the Muhammad Ali’s of having our backs to the ropes. But this can lead to mental fatigue and I experienced that first hand as well.

In a world where mental health isn’t taken as serious as it should be I find it important to keep myself in the most healthy most joyful and clean mental state possible. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t find days where I’m stressed, either down or upset, or just over thinking because that is normal. But I also try to balance those days out with mental cleanses(thats not as bad as that actually sounds) mental breaks, and relaxation. For me I like to read books in a library or book store. I go for drives to random places with no music on just the sound of the road and I also draw and write. Taking time to remold your brain and refresh it is just as important as using that brain to it’s full extent when needed.

So all those projects you got and all that homework and other task you’ve been trying to finish shouldn’t feel so bad. Plus it’s always good to tackle things with a fresh mind and clear vision. Oh and make sure to get some SLEEP! I can’t stress how important taking that 8 hours of complete rest and sleep is to your body. Be kind to your body AND your MIND! they are the only ones you have.

Here’s some links for meditation methods:

Meditation method

& for the worker who can’t find a place to meditate here’s some meditation advice for at work 

Meditate at work
Thanks for reading!

P.S. I will be back soon with new content and more blogs I should take my own advice and get some downtime soon! Anyways for the lovers of work listen to BOTHER by LES SINS. “Don’t bother me I’m working” is your new anthem. Trust me.!


Adult Life: THE REAL WORLD! (Not the MTV show)

October 15th, Fall

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I got my first real taste of the real world since turning 20 in January. Today I payed my own phone bill, my own car insurance, and my own tuition; with no help from either of my parents. I worked my ass off at work and requested more hours just thinking about bills. While most people hate bills to me it has shown a sign of growth from me. There is nothing better than spending your own hard earned money. I think you’ve finally grown when you become hesitant of taking any kind of hand out or even anything money wise from family members. It just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Now the real world is more than just paying bills and dying. But honestly its a good chunk of it. I don’t want to sound all morbid and negative but that is the reality. This week I’ve been questioning myself on where my life has gone and where I expect to be in the next year. For me, this has a lot of possibilities. Taking this time at home has been more than revolutionary for me. I’ve found my strengths and exposed my weaknesses. All things I can work on. But I’m happy that studying my life and asking real questions like, is my major what I want to do? Should I stay home or find a apartment? Should I go back up to my old university and graduate there? So many things are being considered and it hasn’t stressed me out. It has only made me excited for what’s ahead of me. Grabbing the very poorly drawn map of what is my life I’m following it. Making wrong turns and also discovering great things. Life has been nothing but a amazing ride lately.

Thank you for reading


P.S. I think you guys would appreciate something different. Check out New Dust Indie Blog . They have great music and some songs I suggest come from there. Great collection of music and easily accessible. Check it out. PEACE!

Dating: Crushing on your Best Friend

October 13th, Fall

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There comes a time where that person you share intimate and close things with and most likely seen naked once or twice (either on accident or not) and can’t wait to hang around and do nothing with captures your eye…in a different light.

Your best friend can be your world and they can be everything you like in a person. But when does that turn into something more? Well… For me it happened backwards. I had a insane crush on a girl in high school. We talked (as friends) on and off for years. Finally in college we actually hung out and instead of me making moves I made a great friend .

Now I can say that our friendship is strong but does the admittance of feelings have to mess things up with friends? In many movies, tv shows, and books alike we find that you can’t ever stay friends with someone if you start to feel more or they start to feel more. Especially if the feelings aren’t mutual. But why exactly is that? Is the feeling of not being liked back, the feeling of being denied so strong that you have to cut out the friendship that you have made with that person? Does “taking things to the next level” (if the feelings are mutual) does that mean the level of friendship is now over and the bond you two have made doesn’t matter? I don’t think so. But this seems to be a a problem with many friends of all races, genders, sexual preferences, religions, etc. It’s one thing we all have in common.

couplSo why do we feel that friendship and relationship can’t be separate entities? Why do we always want to sacrifices one for the other? These are questions we should all think about. Personally I know way too many great friendships gone south because of a crush (some of them which were mine and some that were friends of mine with their respected friend). Friendships don’t have to end where crushing and or relation begins.

I’ll try to end this post on a positive light. Maybe you find that you can keep your friendship and move on to bigger things. Try to keep that outlet open and don’t dismiss it. Friendships are really important and hey if you’re crushing on your friend tell them to check the song out below and Give You a Try!

Thanks for reading


Fall : The Equinox

October 11, Fall

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Fall is an interesting time for a 20 year old person like me. Changing of the seasons is always a beautiful sight. Nature’s way of starting over has always been a refreshing thing for me. Also an excuse for me to experiment with change as well. While many times forced changes like a new diet or a new haircut; this year the changes have been more natural.

It’s my first time in two years being home (or the place I lived with my parents during high school) during fall. After transferring back to a Long Island college I had the post-awayfromhome university blues. I thought my life was over. I thought my freedom was snatched from me and most importantly I would miss all my great friends I made at University. From August to early September I found myself hating everything around me. Hating being back home, Hating the new college I was in and hating not being away from Long Island. Me visiting my old University during Labor day weekend didn’t help either. After coming home from that visit I had my mind set on working my ass off and getting loans to go back to my beloved favorite place. Then things took a strange turn.


From September until now a kind of “revolution” happened. I ended up finding a great job , getting my own bills paid and getting a new car. Things that I never really thought about doing started taking shape. It was happening and I honestly didn’t notice it. Then one day I met someone new for the first time in a long time on Long Island. I found myself starting to open up to new people and new adventures and where I am now is nowhere near where I thought I would be a few months back. These changes have been alarming to me. But not in a negative way. Maybe my self pity and hard headedness was what was stopping me from experiencing new things. i’m happy i broke that mold.

Fall is usually the season of things dying and hiding away to get ready for a Winter solstice. For me fall has been as rejuvenating as a Spring wash of birth. Isn’t it ironic how beautiful things are in the Fall when it’s all dying? That has nothing to do with my post but just a observation.

Thanks for reading


P.S. The Early November is one of my favorite bands. Wearing the Tie is a great song almost nostalgic of early pop punk music. Give it a listen. It’s amazing.


Dating: In your 20s (Social Media Edition)

October 10th, Fall

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I’m swiping right on tinder, like a maniac, I mean; like after like after like. But what’s weird is… I probably won’t meet or even see half of these women. Dating in your 20’s for us millennials is somewhat of a mix of chance and carefree-ness. Let’s be honest that girl you just swiped right to you probably would never ever bump into at your local coffee shop. That’s the thing. Dating made easy? I guess you can say so but I won’t hold you to it. Even with potential dates at the tip of your fingers (Literally) dating isn’t all as easy as we want it to be.

Finding a suitor now a days is as easy as a swipe but has dating become easier? Definitely not. With all this cool social media has come the crescendo in insecurity and what we call “cyber stalking” looking at every little thing your significant other is doing from the privacy of your phone or laptop. What the hell is going on with us? I dated a girl who would recite tweets I favorited from girls, randomly. She would screenshot retweets and pictures I liked and send them to me at 4 in the morning. Is this what we have to look forward to in dating now a days? I hope it’s not. I’m not here to preach being all high and mighty. I know I’m not. I peek around sometimes but that’s more general curiosity than FBI digging and snooping. So is it harder for us to date now that every aspect of our lives is all over for people to see? I think you can say that.

Is online dating making it harder for us to meet people in real life situations? Well from the countless studies being done (Socially and Scientifically) might say our generation is getting a lot worst at communicating with each other even though we are always in touch. I’m no scientist but from what I’ve been through I can second this. Why is it so hard to get through to your significant other now a days even though all you do is text each other. Well I guess my generation will find out as the studies keep rolling in.

These are just some things to think about and consider. You guys have horror stories in relationships caused from social media or a horrible online dating experience? Did it ruin things? I can only imagine.

Thanks for reading guys.

P.S. You guys should check out this song. It’s fucking amazing I can’t get it out my head lately. Peace and love


The Road Ahead

Today is October 10th, Fall 

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Celebrating my first post I would like to just tell you guys about what’s going on ahead of us for this blog and this journey that we will go on. This is a “not so personal” blog. What we will discuss on here is more than just daily thoughts but also bring in some culture as well.

There are also some surprises that will come later on, maybe some OOTD post and just pretty cool shit.

Also I will be writing weekly write ups about specific topics (Every Sunday)Look out for this Sunday’s post about the fall and why it’s the best fucking season ever. But honestly I’m just happy to be writing again and I hope you guys enjoy the blog.

Welcome to Death Of A Hipster 


P.S. (Also after every post I’ll throw a little suggestion about something cool I’ve stumbled upon, You’re welcome)

Let this song be your song this weekend. If you like chill indie music and are looking for a new band these guys are awesome. Give this song a listen.